Solar PV & Battery Installation

Solar power cells within modules of a panel convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This energy is then fed into the inverter which converts the DC electricity into AC electricity. AC electricity then flows through the house powering appliances as used on a daily basis. Here at Holloway Electrical we offer a full range of Battery storage options with every Solar PV Installation.

Any left over power not used is then exported back into the grid. Some energy providers even pay for the energy that is fed back into the grid.

Solar PV & Battery Storage

What is Solar Photovoltaic (PV)?
Solar panels provide you with free energy. Solar PV arrays conduct electricity from the sun using framed silicone cells exposed to light. Solar panels convert sunlight into useable electricity, capable of powering your home.

We’re able to install domestic and commercial solar that generates energy even on cloudy days.  Solar PV does not need direct sunlight. It can generate energy not only during sunlight hours but also in times of low light.

Here at Holloway Electrical we have extensive knowledge and experience on a wide variety of installations:

✅ Slate/concrete tile/flat
✅ Integrated roof systems
✅ Domestic/Agricultural/Commercial/Schools
✅ Battery storage solutions
✅ EV charging

Due to the varying nature of roof types, coverings and available space we offer many solutions. This is achieved by using a diverse range of manufacturers and tools. We will offer you the best solution for each individual property.

To talk about how solar panels can reduce your bills and integrate with other energy technologies within your home, please feel free to get in touch today 07833 084005



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